The ITFA Board is proud to announce that this year it will support a charitable organisation dedicated to helping orphans and vulnerable children in Rwanda. Shelter Them, gives these children a future filled with hope and opportunity. Thanks to this organisation, they receive the basics of life including nutrition, shelter, education, healthcare and social support, giving them a chance to become a part of Rwanda’s bright future.

To ensure that the children receive the love and attention they each deserve, Shelter Them’s housing program consists of intimate homes with a maximum of six children. Giving these children a home, a family, education, love and support is what they believe to be the foundations of a healthy life. One of their key projects in the next five years is the building of a village on land provided to Shelter Them by the Rwandan government in Bugesera. The goal is for Shelter Them to build a community for orphans, vulnerable children and families, and provide opportunities for self-sufficiency in the long term.

To donate online, until the 3rd September 2018, please click here. Alternatively you will also be able to donate at the Gala dinner. ITFA will match the total amount collected so that we will have a substantial amount to donate to the less fortunate.

Whilst we do hope to have your support on this initiative, we urge you all to be generous. We will then announce the sum collected on the last day of the conference. 

Let’s all work together for this worthy cause! Together we can all make a difference!